with light brown diamonds set in red gold. Comfort and a perfect fit due to a flexible and invisible spring technology.

Stretch & Match


What do women expect from a piece of jewelry in the twenty-first century? It should be uncomplicated and wearable every day. Stretch & Match fits the bill perfectly and fulfills all wishes of our female customers.


 S T R E T C H

No clasps, no threading, and no worries of ever losing your jewelry. Stretch is not just a trend – it’s the future! This is how bracelets are worn today.




Stretch & Match combines two strong designs. The modern ball design and the classic workmanship with prongs complement each other wonderfully. Countless variations and possibilities. Purposefully combined to express each woman’s unique style and individuality. Jewelry that changes to match the wearer – for every situation, every mood, and every outfit.




Find your match!