for hanging in the auricle. Corian with diamonds set in white gold.

Corian Glacier


the material Corian



There is no white wood. This was what triggered the search for a new material and the design of a completely new collection. Scheffel absolutely wanted to combine models from the Gold Meets Wood collection with the special, clean look of a white base material. “The theme was white and we have found a great current material for it”. Corian is the further development of the Gold Meets Wood idea and enables completely different and new possibilities of expression.


Corian is a material with many positive properties. It has become an important material in architecture and the furniture industry, although it is also used in many other fields. Its high level of mineral materials makes corian very stable, yet it remains easy to work. Corian jewellery is produced with the same CNC technology as the Gold Meets Wood collection.


Scheffel uses corian to produce pieces of jewellery which radiate a very unique look. The homogeneous material has a porcelain-like feel and looks elegant. However, corian jewellery is above all exceptional and lovely to wear. Combined with gold, brilliant cut diamonds and high-quality gemstones, it creates a subtle luxuriousness that impresses through its stylistic elements.