with diamonds set in white gold. Comfort and a perfect fit due to a flexible and invisible spring technology.

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Rivière Stretch – suits on any finger.


Stretch it! New and flexible.`
Stretch it! Feels good.
Stretch it! Suits on any finger.


Rings which don’t restrict you, they grow with you and always sit perfectly. A sophisticated and invisible spring technology makes this possible.




Uncomplicated to use with a casual look. It is current. It is pure zeitgeist. It is what women want.


The adjustability and comfort of the rings is self-evident. However, underlying this is a complicated mechanism.



The internal spring is invisible. It keeps the individual cups together securely and stably. Slipping and twisting is not possible. Rivière Stretch! are rings for every occasion.
Jewellery should be versatile. Our answer is the freedom to wear the same ring on each finger. They fit perfectly and are just as flexible as the Rivière Stretch bracelets.

One of our highlights at Baselworld. The bracelet comfortably brushes against the wrist, its flexibility ensuring a secure fit. An impressive piece of jewellery with a striking appeal.


Stretch it. Feel it. Enjoy it.


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