red gold with rose quartz and smoky quartz.

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In this day and age everything is readily available to everyone no matter where you are or what time it is. We yearn for things that emphasise our individuality, for things with sustenance. Our new Cupola collection has just that and is perfectly formed with careful attention paid to every last detail. These new favourite pieces feature fascinating coloured stones and are like a soft, warm caress for the wearer.


Just like our successful Kashmir collection, the clear design sets off the large, intensely coloured stones to great effect. The Cupola pieces have the same allure as Kashmir, yet due to their rounded shape they appear larger and are thus more present.



These harmonic pieces feature a radiance that is created by the appealing interplay of modern shapes and the cabochon cut of the stones. Smooth, feminine and both cool and chic, this is a new interpretation of the oldest type of gemstone shaping.


Cupola Rings – Red gold with rose quartz or violet amethyst.



The cabochon cut strengthens the stone’s inherent shimmer. Our cabochons are created according to a traditional working method of raising the underside to intensify the effect of the light play.


 Cupola Earrings – Red gold with rose quartz and smoky quartz.


Harmony and contrast


The cabochon cut is typically an oval. With our antique, slightly angular cut stones we create more expression, variety and excitement within our collection.



 Cupola Tubogas bangles – Out of steel and red gold with rose quartz, violet amthyst or smoky quartz.



The Tubogas bracelet is close fitting but still comfortable and lightweight on the arm. With no fastenings to fiddle with, it simply slips onto your wrist. Combined with large cabochons it creates a casual, striking look.



 Cupola Tubogas Bangle – Green moonstone with natural brown diamonds set in red gold.


Cupola Rings – Green moonstone or rose quartz with natural brown diamonds set in red gold.