Elforyn with coral and natural brown diamonds set in red gold.



the material Elforyn


Using elforyn, Scheffel has created a range of jewellery that emphasises the personality of its wearer in a special way. It combines ivory-coloured elforyn with rose gold and champagne-coloured brilliant cut diamonds to make modern, harmonious pieces of jewellery.


In terms of minerals, elforyn is a high-quality substitute for ivory. It is very similar to corian in terms of its composition and properties, although it has a completely different look. “Elforyn seduces you with its incomparable soft, warm lustre, which suits various skin tones and can be combined wonderfully with other pieces of jewellery from Scheffel collections.” The material is non-porous, acidresistant and recyclable, and so perfectly suited to jewellery making.


With this new collection, Scheffel is setting itself the challenge of always offering people the best possible product. The idea of creating objects with clear shapes which their owners will keep for a long time and which justify their price has been realised here perfectly.