orange Juma with top light brown diamonds set in red gold and turquoise Juma with diamonds set in platinum.

Juma Gem

Discover your secret.


JJuma Gem. Intensive colors sparkle while wearing the bracelets and rings and arouse curiosity – Discover your secret.


A collection idea with style.



Having been wide and impressive to date, narrower and more sporty variants with three or five diamonds now expand the collection. Completely plated in gold or platinum or only half – to expose more color.


The new designs will be available in many different shades – cyan, orange, purple, red, and many more. We want every woman to be able to find and wear her favorite color.


 Juma Gem makes each piece of jewellery entirely unique. Total individuality in terms of design, material and colour. The colour accents are so subtle that it’s almost as if you’re wearing a secret.