white and natural brown diamonds set in white or red gold.

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Large Trendy Earrings


Large, bold earrings are in vogue. With the addition of new items of jewellery, our successful Rotondo Collection is even more fashionable and has even more variety.




Soft-looking shapes in gold share the limelight with dazzling lines. The distinctive design can be seen throughout the collection.



Jewellery that is unobtrusive, yet has a pleasing quality. This is in keeping with our identity. Jewellery of Today.




Curves and soft shapes.


Curves and soft shapes are characteristics of Rotondo. The semi-circular profile underscores the new look and, worn together with other bangles in the Tubo collection, creates variety and interest.



All Tubo bangles are available in different sizes and in red gold or stainless steel. The ends are embellished with a row of diamonds or set in pavé.


In line with the design of the arm jewellery, the rings are also not completely closed. The use of two colours in the ring is a special feature. The little secret that only the wearer knows enhances the quality of the jewellery piece.



Tassels, sword knots and pompoms


This year jewellery with tassels is bang on trend and totally eye-catching. The playful chain bundles are in complete contrast with the clear designs of our previous collections.



The soft-look, freely-moving tassels appear to conflict with the clear-cut, modern design. This is the very concept of the collection: contradictions that are in harmony, that complement each other and that can be beautifully combined. Sporty, elegant and perfect for every occasion. The versatility of the Kashmir collection is one of the reasons for its success.