morganite set in red gold.

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For a collection to be successful, it must be something more than just on-trend. The design must be in harmony! Get to know, how sophisticated, versatile and modern Kashmir actually is.




Taking centre stage in every piece of Kashmir jewellery is the large, colourful stone. The newly developed cut has fewer facets, yet still features sparkling brilliance. So the stones retain a subtle antique feel and offer a bold contrast to the otherwise crisp and modern design of the collection. These two opposites come together in mutual enhancement and become something quite new.


Kashmir Earrings- pink tourmaline and violet amethyst set in red gold.



The earrings in the Kashmir range radiate bold violet and pink. The clear structure and broad gold settings emphasise the facetted stones. Our Kashmir collection uses only specially selected and perfectly cut gems.


 Kashmir bangles and rings – pink tourmaline and violet amethyst or green and violet amethyst set in red gold.


new Look


Style elements from other collections and current materials lend variation to the distinctive jewellery pieces. Combining with Tubogas or even leather bands creates the new look: modern and casual – Jewellery of Today.


 Kashmir Tubogas bangles – out of steel with inside spring mechanism. Green and violet amethyst or violet amethyst and morganite set in red gold.



Kashrmir bangles – green and violet amethyst set in red gold.


Tassels, sword knots and pompons


A new trend and one that gives the Kashmir collection a whole new fantastic look. Finely crafted, playful chain bundles lend the collection added glamour and elegance.


 Kashmir earrings – with tassel. Violet amethyst with natural brown diamonds set in red gold.


The soft-look, freely-moving tassels appear to conflict with the clear-cut, modern Kashmir design. This is the very concept of the collection: contradictions that are in harmony, that complement each other and that can be beautifully combined. Sporty, elegant and perfect for every occasion. The versatility of the Kashmir collection is one of the reasons for its success.


Kashmir necklaces – with tassel. Green or violet amethyst with natural brown diamonds set in red gold.




New XL rings, necklaces and earrings with tassels – Kashmir is and remains modern and in vogue. Identifying relevant trends and honing them to create something lasting, unique and perfect. Jewellery of today.


 Kashmir XL-Rings – morganite or green amethyst set in red gold.